Long before the stores, the spas and the website, even before
that tiny spark of an idea came to be, there was love.
The kind of love you can only share with a pet.
The kind of love that makes us family.


We’re Petz Creation.

India’s 1st and most trusted pet care brand in the industry, dedicated to our favourite family members—our pets.

A little about us

As pet parents ourselves, we want to help every pet parent and their pet meet all their needs through our innovative products and services. Our hope is that we can play a meaningful role in bringing pets and their humans closer to each other for years and years to come, and through that build a kinder world.

dog with Petz Creation
Dog with Petz Creation biscuits



To create and curate innovative yet functional pet
products and services that bring joy to pets and
their families, one home at a time

It is an honour to be at the forefront of the pet industry and add these feathers to our cap. With our feet firm in innovation and empathy, we promise to never stop at the ‘best’ and keep pushing our boundaries to create a world where each pet parent can make their pet’s lives even more beautiful.

Petz Creation